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GizlenVPN Review- 100% Secure Access to All Sites!

GizlenVPN is one of the top VPN providers, launched in 2011 by a Turkish company. It provides thehigh-speed anonymity, privacy and security to the customers who want to surf the internet without any fear to lose or compromise personal information.

Setup and System Configuration

GizlenVPN provides online setup guidance to the customers who find any technical problem with instant installation and configuration. Except Windows operating system manual configuration is required for other platforms.

Protocols and Operating Systems Supported

GizlenVPN service is supported by the PPTP protocol on available operating systems like Windows (Vista, XP, 7), iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac PC and Android devices. It lacks the compatibility with Torrent / P2P.

Server Locations and Site Access

GizlenVPN network consists of 50 servers in 20 different countries- United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Ireland, Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, United States, Luxemburg, Hong Kong, Romania, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey and Czech. The customers can switch their servers at any time at anywhere.

The service permits the users to access the location-restricted websites like Hulu and Netflix, as well as Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and Twitter.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

GizlenVPN provides 10GB or unlimited bandwidth with unlimited speed. The customers can enjoy fast, uncensored and secure access to the internet world using this VPN service. The speed is enough to download huge files, stream the live events and HD movies, perform online gaming and also VOIP activities.

Privacy and Security

GizlenVPN offers 128-bit encryption to provide the maximum protection against hackers, eavesdroppers, ISP and search engine. It helps the customers to transact all the online information privately with great security.

Pricing Plans & Payment Options

GizlenVPN has a free trial offer which lasts only 15 minutes. It offers two pricing plans to the subscribers- one is the unlimited plan for $5 per month and another is the unlimited monthly bandwidth for $7.5 per month. With a 7% discount offer, customers can buy the best deal at only $6.51 now. The company also offers a 3-day money back guarantee to the subscribers.

The customers can pay their bills through Credit card, Master card, Visa, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer.


Customer Support

GizlenVPN provides excellent and quick customer support via Electronic mail, Support ticket and Live Chat.

Final Outcomes

GizlenVPN offers a very good VPN service at very reasonable price. Though the overall performance of this service is quite acceptable, but it is required to reorganize its website to ensure fast browsing for the customers.

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