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Gate VPN Review – Secure VPN Service

Gate VPN server gives its users wide ranging apps and features in order to grasp their attention. The company’s VPN servers are located in just 4 countries, which are Germany, UK, Ireland, and USA. At the end it is the user who decides which server he needs to select.

Installing Gate VPN

Once you have subscribed the Gate VPN service, comes the stage of installation, which is nothing to be afraid of. Anyone can install it as the process is really simple. It can be installed on most commonly used systems and devices, such as Windows and Mac. As soon as the installation is completed, users are able to use services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, and Skype.

The Gate VPN supports the OpenVPN protocol. However, there is no availability of any free trials by the company, and the customers can only enjoy their services after paying a monthly fee of $13.99. You can reduce the overall cost of subscription if you buy subscription charges for 6 months or 1 year. These charges can be paid through PayPal. Users receive an online form for speedy activation of their service and if there is any problem you can always contact company’s online customer support services. They will guide you through every step.

There are no bandwidth restrictions set by Gate VPN, and users can benefit from unlimited and fast downloading for tasks such as video streaming. Users can also benefit from the dedicated speed of Gate VPN that protects user’s privacy by hiding their actual IP address and location with a fake one. Gate VPN secures your location even against the commercial or non-governmental organizations because of your hidden IP address. Gate VPN is also very effective against allowing others to have a look at your internet activities.

Like any other VPN service that we see, Gate VPN gives you the freedom to explore sites that are banned. It can also unblock other popular services such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. There are many governments around the world that have blocked these sites for certain reasons, but if you are visiting that country and want to have full access to these services then Gate VPN will help you in that aspect.


The VPN Company has set their priorities on privacy, security and customer satisfaction. That is why the service is an excellent choice for people who are more interested in securing their internet based confidentiality.

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