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FlashVPN Review- The Leading VPN Provider

FlashVPN is a virtual private network company that has been ensuring online privacy and security since 1999. It offers the users a freedom of browsing and a solution to access to restricted resources from their Internet connection.

Setup and Configuration

FlashVPN service has easy set-up processes. To start using the FlashVPN, the users just basically need to download the file and install it on the computer. The software provides a number of IPs so that the user can easily change the IP which they think it will work well.

Protocols and the Operating Systems Supported

FlashVPNservice is compatible with any devices that support PPTP or SSL VPN (OpenVPN). It is supported by Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac, Linux or FreeBSD, as well as iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Mobile etc.

Server Locations and Site Access

FlashVPN service has several servers in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom with a high level of trustworthiness.

Using FlashVPN service the users can access to regionally banned sites and can watch online TV shows without any interruption. More than satisfied, FlashVPN secure internet applications, email, ICQ, AIM and Skype.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

FlashVPN provides fast speed internet surfing within the server networks with 128-bit encrypted VPN access. Moreover, the bandwidth provided by this service also be guaranteed to be unlimited.

Pricing Options

FlashVPN service provides several pricing plans of $4.99 for 1 month, $12 for 3 months, $22 for 6 months and $49 for 1 year. The users can try this VPN service by setting up the trial version that allows people to use the software in 7 days for free with some limitations. The company has no money back guarantee offer.


Privacy and Security

FlashVPN service is dedicated for users’ privacy and security. All the network traffic through this VPN connection is encrypted and undecipherable to anyone sniffing network traffic between the computer and the Institute’s VPN Concentrator. This VPN connection brings their customers inside their network and the firewall, providing the maximum privacy and security.

Customer Service and Support

FlashVPN service provides excellent customer services and supports through online support via email, live chat and support ticket. It takes very short time to get the reply from the company.

Final Outcomes

Among VPN services available in the market, FlashVPN is known as one of the leading VPN providers. It will certainly be a good choice for one who wants to get a high level internet security with reasonable cost.

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