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Drakker VPN Review- Itinerant Privacy

Drakker VPN maintains the privacy over the web since 2009, launched by the company, Yazabou Limited. At present, new versions (version 5.2 windows and version 5.2 portable) are so popular in the VPN market.

Setup and Configuration

Drakker VPN is one of the easiest security software to install. Users have to download the software, then create an account from Drakker software on PC or Mac. With the account identifiers, user will then be able to buy a license directly from the software or from the Drakker website.

Protocols Supported

Drakker VPN is suited to be used with Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OSX (10.2 and above) and Linux (Ubuntu and other implementations) operating system, programs, fully compatible with 32 & 64 bits. It is also supported in almost every mobile operating systems (Android and iOS).

Server Locations and Site Access

Drakker VPN has a worldwide network of servers. The main server nations are the Netherlands, Luxemburg,The United Kingdom and The United States of America, but the Drakker client from the USB key are able to use it throughout the world with no trace left on the computers.

Privacy and Security

Drakker VPN is completely private and secured server. During the launching of Drakker, a certificate exchange is processed between the user’s machine and the Drakker network. This exchanged certificates are unique and private for each of the users. At the very exit of the Computer, data are encrypted and illegible. Also the Drakker network does not collect nor detain any personal data regarding its users.


The Drakker can be downloaded wherever the users are. The account’s identifiers are functional everywhere. It can be used in a personal computer or a friend’s one, in a hotspot or at the office, no software is installed on the computer, no trace is taken.


VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Drakker has such ahigh speed and dedicated bandwidth. Using Drakker one can be able to watch HD movies, VOIP, download / upload data, and play multiplayer games online without a problem.

Customer Support

The company has some customer support services through email, Skype etc., but the responses are not very quick which is required.

Pricing Options

Drakker VPN offers a 1 week free trial version both for PC and mobile. The client can also get a 1 year license of the latest version (version 5.2) for 35 Euros.

Final Outcomes

In a nutshell, the user will not be disappointed buying the services of Drakker VPN. More precisely, it will be the on the go security service wherever you stay or travel.

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