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Dark Net VPN Review – Top Quality VPN

The Dark Net VPN established in 2009 and has shone enormous promise since then. Users can avail its service and stay anonymous while browsing through the internet. It has lots of other features that you will read in this article.


The Dark Net VPN provider gives you access to all those sites that are restricted in various institutions, offices, and countries due to their censorship on websites. So by subscribing this VPN service you can anonymously gain access to popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Skype in countries like China.


Sweden is the only country where Dark Net VPN server is located. However, it supports both OpenVPN and PPTP, which are popular and important protocols for safe tunneling of data. Both of these protocols support VOIP, Torrent, HTTP, and FTP.


The VPN company also gives you an anonymous IP addressing and promises that it will never keep user logs. With this service you can easily create valid email account while staying anonymous.

Pricing Package

The Dark Net VPN offers very cheap and affordable rates. With access to unlimited data transfer facility, it has become a popular VPN choice among many internet users. The package rates are as under:

·       €5 per month subscription

·       €14 for 3 months subscription

·        €27 for 6 months subscription

·        €49 for1 year subscription

·        €89 for 2 year subscription.

The company allows these payments to be made through credit card only.


The Dark Net VPN is also offering a wide range of compatibility which is missing from many of its rival companies. You can use this VPN service on most of the operating systems and devices running on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac.

darknet vpn

Customer Support

The VPN values its customers by offering quick and effective customer support and feedback. They listen to your feedbacks and takes suggestions very seriously through email. They have also made available lot of important information in the FAQ section of their website.


The main benefits of getting the Dark Net VPN subscription are:

  • Highly secured network
  • User privacy
  • Easy access to blocked websites
  • Excellent compatibility
  • No user logs
  • Affordable packages


There is no free trial period offered by the VPN Company and doesn’t support all the protocols. The server locations are very limited.


It gives you complete access to all blocked websites and unlimited data transfer facility as well.

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