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CyberGhost VPN Review – a User-friendly VPN Service with both Free and Paid Plans

CyberGhost is a Romanian based company that offers a VPN service by the same name in Germany. This service is offered with a free pack and offers a complete anonymity to the users without maintaining any user log. However, the factors stated above prove to be very favoring for this service, other features offered by this VPN provider in its service are listed as below.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered with three different packages, the free service, a premium plan and a premium plus service. The free service, as the name indicates, is free from any charges and is available with certain limits like the 1Mbps speed cap, maximum 1 device can be connected, supported by advertisements and an automatic disconnection after every 6 hours. Along with this, an OpenVPN protocol supported by 128 bit encryption is provided for user security. The premium plan is offered with no bandwidth and traffic cap, no advert, free server choice, automatic reconnection and a free trial period for 30 days. The premium plus plan is available with a highly secured OpenVPN protocol with 256 bit encryption. The premium plan is available with a price tag of $6.99, while the premium plus plan is available at $10.99 for a monthly subscription.

User Security

For the security of a VPN user, an OpenVPN connection with 128bit encryption is a fine option but this VPN service offers a better encryption, 256bit, to the subscribers of its premium plus pack. Also, with no log policy, users enjoy anonymous internet access through this VPN connection.

Registration & Connection

The process for subscribing to this service is simple and minimalist and offers a flash support for new users. The client offered with this service is also very user friendly, which provides a number of options for a user to enjoy all the features of this connection.

Speedtest & Support

The speed test results were very impressive with this service, which offered a speed double the cap limit with a free VPN connection. When tested with a paid connection, the speed test results displayed a negligible drop in the connection speed.

Different operating systems supported by this service include iOS, Android, Mac and Linux. Almost all the devices are supported with a clear and understandable configuration guide.


Customer Support

For providing a support to customers, there are various options available with this VPN service. The representatives can be reached through a ticket based system or through the live chat option available directly on their website. Alongside, the website for this VPN service is also created in a professional manner with an easy to navigate design. The FAQ section and the bulletin board provided on the website are also very helpful to the users of this VPN service.


The availability of a free trial package and a user friendly client software along with lack of user logs adds to the appeal for this VPN service. However, the lack of servers outside the US and Europe region and an average 128bit service were few points of concern. Visit cyberghostvpn

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CyberGhost VPN Review - a User-friendly VPN Service with both Free and Paid Plans, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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