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ConnectionVPN Review- Sanctuary! Solitude! Liberty!

ConnectionVPN is an internet anonymity and privacy service, based on sovereignty of speech, safeguard of privacy and security, democratization of knowledge and free culture. It provides the most secure and reliable service possible for the customers.

Setup and Configuration

ConnectionVPN has easy and quick set-up procedures. The users can be up and running within a couple of minutes. Also, the company provides detailed online set-up instructions on their website.

Protocols Supported

ConnectionVPN supports the devices compatible with OpenVPN, which is superior to the more common PPTP. The applications the users can use via ConnectionVPN areWindows (7, XP, Vista), Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Windows Pocket PC, Linux/Unix/BSD etc.

Server Locations and Site Access

ConnectionVPN has several servers in the European countries like the United Kingdom, France, Greece etc. Users can switch their servers at anytime at anywhere without any cost.

ConnectionVPN service can bypass all blocked web sites, such as News sites, blogs, forums, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. It provides unrestricted access to the Internet in China, Middle East. eg. UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and so on.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

ConnectionVPN service is fast with unlimited bandwidth and traffic. The user can be able to browse facebook, watch HD movies, VOIP, download / upload data, and play multiplayer games online without a problem using ConnectionVPN service.

Pricing Options

ConnectionVPN service has three pricing plans: €5 for a month, €30 for 6 months and €50 for 1 year. The company has no free trial accounts currently offered, but it offers a money back guarantee to their customers.

Privacy and Security

ConnectionVPN service always gives the priority of correctly implemented security service. It entrusts encryption and authentication to the OpenSSL library and SSL is the most widely deployed security protocol in the world.

The company does not keep any personal information about their customers, other than what they provide when signing up for the service. Also, they do not collect any financial information like credit card numbers of their customers.


Customer Support

ConnectionVPN service provides the email options, online support forms and the FAQ’s for the customers to answer any of their inquiries. The reply from the company is really quick and appreciated. The customers are in fact benefitted using this customer support program.

Final Outcomes

ConnectionVPN is a fast-growing service, and the company persistently adds more infrastructure day by day, to insure its speed and reliability, but also adding new gateways. But, recently this VPN service has been suspended due to some surveillance risks.


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