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BGVPN Review – A Good VPN in a Reasonable Price

BGVPN is a Bulgaria based VPN company which established in 2010. It is a Bulgarian company which has five years experience and it has a few thousand customers. The company started to provide its service from  June 2010 by launching  a worldwide VPN service using Bulgarian,UK,USA and Germany(DE) IP addresses.


BGVPN servers are currently available inthree countries, these are Bulgaria, UK, and USA. Though this VPN service is only available in only three countries, but it fulfills all the needs of its users. BGVPN supports both PPTP and OpenVPN protocol. You can access to your favorite sites using this VPN.


BGVPN provides its user a very high download speed and also a very good browsing experience without any types of interruption. Users are allowed to download from any sites. This VPN service is not a bad choice for downloading content and also for uploading. You can play online games, and watch streaming movies easily and comfortably by using this service. So you don’t need to suffer with the speed.


BGVPN company is always very much careful about your security and privacy. So you can stay safe and tension free by using BGVPN service. It also protects your data from hackers and other things those can do any kind of harm to you.

Supported Systems

All kinds of systems or protocols are supported by BGVPN. Operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Android, Mac and iOS all support BGVPN. This is also Compatible with iPhone, Android 2.x, Symbian 9.x.

Customer Support

BGVPN gives an email based online support system to its user. It provides live service also and the very positive thing is they always try to give solution within a very short time.


BGVPN provides good VPN service at a reasonable price. It has different plans for its user which depends on duration·  They offers $2 for one Week, $ 6.90 for one month and $ 14.90(i.e.$ 4.97 Per month only) for three months.

Final Verdict

BGVPN may not be the best VPN provider in the VPN industry, but it has some good options to attract customers. It is most suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot amount of money behind it, but wants to have a connection with good download a browsing speed. Considering all these advantages, BGVPN is highly recommended.

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