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BeeVPN Review- It Offers a Professional Service Accompanied by High Security and an Excellent Support

BeeVPN is a service provided by a company based in Denmark, which is marketed as a robust service with a professional website. They boast of the use of high grade equipments from Cisco only and also feel proud of the fact that they don’t outsource their services. It offers an impressive VPN service with high quality features that assure of a genuine and a satisfying service. However, a review of their service based on few tests is discussed as below, which will help you to know about the reliability of their service.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered with a single package with different price plans for different subscription terms like 1 month, 3 months and an annual subscription. The monthly subscription plan is offered at a cost of 11.99 euros, which is reduced to the cost of 23.97 euros for a subscription of 3 months and to 79.08 euros for an annual subscription. Apart from this, a different add-on package is available for users, who wish to use their services on a mobile device, which is priced at 1.19 euros for a monthly subscription. Along with these plans, a money back guarantee is provided in case, when the user in unable to access the VPN services, which is followed by an attempt to provide a resolution at the first hand.

User Security

The matter of the security of the users of this service provides a high priority, for which a DTLS technology from Cisco is employed to provide a high level of security to the users. The default use of AES encryption of 256 bit strength assured of a loyalty towards the use of latest technology for security purposes. A query regarding the user privacy was returned with a detailed response in a timely manner stating that no user log is maintained except the amount of data transferred during the connection.

Registration & Connection

The sign-up process is straight forward and professional with a number of payment options including Bitcoin for anonymous payment. However, the lack of integrated payment for mobile users raised a matter of concern. The setup guide for the configuration of the connection provides an easy lead to the non-technical users.

Speed & Support

The results of the speed test carried out with its different servers resulted in a considerable drop of over 1Mbps in the download speed. This service provides a support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android operating systems and devices like PS3 and Apple TV.


Customer Support

The VPN provider boasts of a 24*7*365 service, which is provided through an email address support. Although, the support service is very impressive that provides a fast and efficient resolution, but a restricted access to the email address is a little disappointing. The customer area is also maintained with a focus to provide an ease of access to all the registered users, while the lack of account cancellation link was a negligible lacking point.


However, the lack of a free trial, speed drop, no guide for Android device and others came as a disappointment.

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