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BeeVPN Review – A Reliable VPN Service

BeeVPN is a Denmark-based VPN service which is known for providing safe and secure browsing to all of its users. It was founded in 2009 and serving its user with reliability. They will ensure you the best available speed and a full-money back guarantee.


BeeVPN servers are currently available in 4 countries, these are United Kingdom, Sweden, France and Denmark. Even if the VPN servers are limited to few locations you can access to your favorite sites from circumventing firewalls and you can also unlock premium local content from those four countries. It allows unlimited server switching with every VPN subscription you can unlock local content from some different countries without paying any extra fees.


BeeVPN provides its user very good download speed and uninterrupted browsing experience. The company owns all servers and hardware in the place it serves so it can ensure unlimited speed and bandwidth without any kind of trouble or monthly limits. As there are no bandwidth limits BeeVPN isideal for downloading content, playing online games, and watching streaming movies.


BeeVPNserves through the next generation Cisco DTLS protocol with 256 bit AES encryption. This protocol gives better security than PPTP and L2TP protocols, and it’s always the samewith its best qualityperformance.  It also has a military grade firewall to protect users online activities from viruses, trojans and malware. The service will protect you from any harmful activities of hackers and cyber criminals.They also give you hotspot protection during your wireless sessions from unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots. The company doesn’t spy your activities.

Supported Systems

All kinds of systems or protocols are supported by BeeVPN. Operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Android, Mac and iOS, all support BeeVPN services.

Customer Support

An email based 24x7x365 support system is provided to the users of BeeVPN. They always try to give any support and solution within a reasonable time.


BeeVPN’shas unlimited plan which start from 11.99 EUR per month (23.97 EUR for 3 months and 79.08 EUR for a year). You can use the service for mobile devices by subscribing to mobile extension that costs 1.19  EUR per month. They offer a 14 days money back guarantee, but the guarantee is only for those who are not able to use the service for some reason.

Final Verdict

The overall performance of BeeVPN is very good, as it offers fast speed with unlimited bandwidth and free server switches. Considering all these advantages, BeeVPN is highly recommended.


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