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Banana VPN Review –VPN Service with a Difference

Banana VPN service is a UK and Cyprus based company, which was developed by KIS Limited. The company had an experience in web hosting, domain registration, and network solutions even before it started its own VPN service in 2007. In this article we will critically analyze various features of Banana VPN.

Choice of Servers

Banana VPN servers are located in just 7 countries, but all the major countries are covered by it such as US, UK, Germany and Canada. The lack of server is undoubtedly reflected badly on the company, however, its high quality services easily make up in this department. Another good thing about the VPN service is that it doesn’t charge you extra if you want to switch servers. Because of this great advantage users can freely change them whenever they feel like it.


Ultra-fast speed without any download limit is the hallmark of Banana VPN. In terms of quality of service that it offers during downloads and uploads, it is right on top with any other VPN service provider. Because of high speed, services such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Hulu, Gmail etc. are fun to watch. Another feature that differentiates it from other high profile VPNs is that it has a dedicated plan for VOIP.


Privacy is one of the main feature why people are attracted towards the Banana VPN service. It uses 128 bit encryption tunnel to ensure safe and secure browsing. The company also promises that it will never keep a log of its user’s online activities, making the service ideal for anonymous browsing. With this service you will also benefit from hotspot protection to your details.

Supported Systems

SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec are the most common protocols supported by the Banana VPN. It also works perfectly well on Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as for mobile devices. However, it you are into torrenting then you will be greatly disappointed by your choice of VPN provider.

Customer Support

Banana VPN gives its customers 24/7 live chat support.


Price is also very reasonable that starts from $15 a month. Its most expensive plan is worth $100 for 12 months.


Final Verdict

Even though the Banana VPN service has few limitations in terms of price and server locations but overall it can be considered among the top VPNs. So if you are looking for some entertainment in your life, consider using Banana VPN.

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