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Arethusa VPN Review – The Best Paid VPN

Arethusa VPN is a VPN service with both paid and free plans that was originally founded in 2010, offered by Black Lagoon Internet Limited, which is a company that is based in the Seychelles. It establishes the internet connection more anonymous and secure by hiding IP address.

Setup- Installation and Configuration

Arethusa VPN does not offer a lot in the direction of help setting up and configuration the software. There are some data on the “Help” page that provides step by step instructions and also screenshots to help to walk through the process. Besides, on that point are numerous online OpenVPN guides.

Protocols Supported

The service is compatible with a large variety of devices, including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux based computers, iPads, iPhones and Android based Smartphones and tablets. Moreover, since the service can be configured on DD-WRT based routers, it can be used with Smart TVs, consoles (xbox 360, PS3) as cwell as other compatible devices.

Server Locations and Site Access

Currently Arethusa VPN has servers in 7 different countries-the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ukraine, Luxembourg and the United States. Though the company does not offer any servers in the Asian Pacific or South American markets, but they do offer servers in enough countries to make them a tempting option for individuals.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Arethusa VPN offers unlimited traffic plans to its customers. The high VPN speed available with every Arethusa plan makes it easy to make a wide range of uses, including getting around corporate blockers for websites like Facebook and YouTube, making VOIP calls, or getting around the GEOIP blocking and restrictions of popular websites like Netflix and Hulu.

Privacy and Security

Arethusa VPN offers incomparable security through OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. The OpenVPN plan is ideal for extra security required for banking, social networking and financial activities, whereas the PPTP protocol offers a slightly lower level of security but a very high level of compatibility. The service protects all online activities (emailing, messaging, FTP, VOIP and browsing) plus it offers a secure hotspot protection to keep your personal details safe while using Wi-Fi connections at airports, public parks, coffee shops, hotels and libraries.

The company does not store traffic data of its customers. However, the company stores connections details for a period of 7 days to keep their network in the best possible shape.

Customer Support

Arethusa VPN has a limited amount of support. The company offers customer support through its forum and a ticket based support system,but their pre-sales support seems to be non-existent for many. Sometimes it takes long enough time to get the reply from the company.

Pricing Options

Arethusa VPN premium plans are available for  5 Euros a month, which is substantially lower than you will find with many other services available online. The company offers a free trial with 1 GB monthly bandwidth limit that can be used to test the service. The company does not offer refunds so you should use the trial server to get an idea about the capabilities of the service.

Final Outcomes

Arethusa VPN  is just a middling provider. Their ‘no-fills’ approach might make them a lightweight, quick option for professional users, but it also makes them less desirable to new users. Their documentation is a bit confusing, and the fact that most of their support is run through their forum looks unprofessional. Arethusa might not go the extra mile, but they do provide a solid basic service that is useful.


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