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Anonymity4me Review- Costly, but Highly Secure!

Anonymity4me is one of the leading VPN providers, founded in 2011 by a Seychelles based company. This company is the experienced one, by providing highly secure services to embassies and other governmental agencies for years and now offering these services to the public.

Setup and System Configuration

Anonymity4me service setup and configurations are very simple and straightforward. Once payment is confirmed users can download and install the setup software. Also the online setup manuals are available on the company’s website.

Supported Protocols, OS and Devices

Anonymity4me is supported by OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP protocols. It is compatible with the popular operating systems like Windows (7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X, Linux and the mobile devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone and Android).

Server Locations and Site Access

Anonymity4me service network consists of over 240 dedicated servers, presently covering 150 countries like UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Luxembourg and so on.

This VPN secures online privacy to access to blocked apps or websites like Skype, Hulu, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Anonymity4me service provides high speed with unlimited bandwidth. Even the most remote locations are connected via a high speed 1 GB/s uplink to guarantee the highest data rates possible.

Privacy and Security

Anonymity4me VPN provides the complete anonymity to the customers while surfing the web. It also offers a hotspot protection to protect all financial transactions and social accounts from hacking while their customers are using public Wi-Fi hotspots. This service creates a protective firewall to the users’ computers.

Pricing and Payment Options

Anonymity4me VPN offers one unlimited plan for $ 24.95 per 1 Month, $ 49.95 per 3 Months, $ 79.95 per 6 Months and $ 109.95 per 1 Year. There is no free trial version and money return offered by the company.

The customers can pay their bills usingMoney Bookers, AlertPay, Credit Card or PayPal accounts.


Customer Support

Anonymity4me service provides excellent customer services and supports through online support via live chat, remote desktop, support ticket and email. The response from the company is so fast that customers are really getting such benefits through their service.

Final Outcomes

Anonymity4me service has so many options for server locations and also it provides the maximum online privacy and security to the customers. Though the price for this service is a little much, but if one has the money, then this should be the first choice as a VPN service.

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