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Anonymity Network VPN Review – 3 Day Free Trial

Anonymity Network can be found in Hawaii, and it is supported by OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. Users can benefit from a free trial service, but it only lasts 3 hours.


You can get all the standard features with Anonymity Network. The company has failed to add its own application features to the standard Open VPN configuration. Also, you will not find any automated features and it doesn’t start or shuts down automatically to protect your connection at the time of underlying internet connection failure. When that failure occurs, you would hardly realize that your application that started with the VPN is now running on your original IP.

This VPN service lacks a dedicated IP option and therefore complicates when you are shopping online or banking as a merchant. Because of this third party payment processor will detect you as fraud as it will observe multiple IPs. There is another problem also as it is extremely difficult to know in advance if the server is available or not due to its location or load.

The protection with the VPN is maintained at a fair standard due to OpenVPN application, however this doesn’t protect you when your internet connection is lost.


The most basic package offered by Anonymity Network is for just $12 per month, however this package has a limitation of 20 GB bandwidth. If you want higher bandwidth, the VPN offers 120 GB for $26.  Both of these packages include servers in 5 countries with no offshore servers.

anonymity network

Main Benefits of Anonymity Network:

  • You will get free 3 hour trial
  • The installation procedure is good
  • The application is easy to use
  • Servers are quite fast

Main Drawbacks of Anonymity Network:

  • Lacks support
  • The Server is only in 5 countries and there are no offshore servers as well
  • Packages are little expensive when considering there is a bandwidth limitation
  • OpenVPN with few features
  • No start up
  • Lowest latency
  • Static IPs and Dynamic IPs not available
  • There is a lack of user IP protection in case your internet connection fails. When this happens, the applications are switched back to your local IP without you even knowing it.
  • IPv6 is not supported
  • The company logs and stores personal information
  • Management and server network is situated in the USA


With so many drawbacks, Anonymity Network is not recommended. However, you can try the 3 day free trial to check the services yourself.

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