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Ananoos VPN Review – Trustworthy Service

Launched in 2009 and based in UK, Ananoos VPN is known for providing safe and secure browsing to all of its users. In this review, we will look at its various services and features.

Server Locations and Site Access

The most disappointing factor about the Ananoos VPN service provider is its inability to provide server access to important VPN markets like UK, USA, and Canada. The only country in which the company servers are located is the Netherlands. So it is advantageous to only these people who are looking to access premium Dutch content outside Netherlands. The content from Netherlands that you can now view using this service may include banking and eCommerce sites, Zoomin TV, AT5, Sport1, Film1, SBS6, RTVNH, RTL, MTV Netherlands, Deezer, Rara, and Spotify. Along with these sites, users can also avail other social media services like Google, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype in countries where using these services have been prohibited or blocked.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Ananoos offers unlimited speed as well as unrestricted bandwidth with the help of its multi-gigabit network. This speed is enough for all kinds of downloading and uploading data requirements, including HD video streaming, playing online games, and for VOIP sessions.

Privacy Settings

The privacy settings offered by Ananoos VPN are excellent. All the online traffic, including emails, FTP, browsing, and ICQ is encrypted. It is passed through a secured tunnel making it extremely difficult to hack into. The service also allows hotspot protection when using Wi-Fi at public places and other place that are vulnerable to hacking. Ananoos promises not to share personal information of its users with others seeking companies seeking such information.

Supported Operating Systems

Ananoos words perfectly with all in demand operating systems that are compatible with OpenVPN such as Windows, Linux, and Mac etc. Users are given custom VPN software for easy installation on Windows and Mac, and their installation instructions are given on the company website.

Customer Support

The customer support of Ananoos comprises mainly of email based system, but the support team is efficient in responding to queries in a timely fashion.

Pricing Options

The unlimited plan offer cost from 15 EUR for a 3 month subscription, while a 1 year subscription cost around 55 EUR. There are no refunds or free trials on offer which is unfortunate for those who want to test their service in advance.


Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Ananoos is a useful VPN service with limited server support.

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