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AirVPN Review– A VPN Service with Ultimate Security Lead by Italian Hacktivisits

AirVPN was established by some Italian hacktivists during the Pirate Party festival, Rome in 2010. This VPN provider offers a number of features that are not common among VPN providers including the transparency, Bitcoin payments, VPN through tor, SSL & SHH tunnels. They also excel in maintaining user anonymity using advanced technologies for the same.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered by a plan considered as All-in-one plan, which is priced at a cost of 7 euros for a monthly subscription and the same is provided at a cost of 54 euros for an annual subscription of the service. The VPN service is also offered with a trial offer for 3 days at a cost of 1 euro, which can be availed for free by requesting for a free trial service through email.


Since this VPN service is operated by a group of hacktivists, so they are able to offer excellent security and privacy to their users. At the front end, the 256-bit AES encryption service offers a high level of security to the users. Other security features offered by this VPN provider include Tor network and the availability of SSH and SSL tunnels for ultimate security of the user data.

The VPN provider doesn’t maintain any logs for the user activity and thus, offer privacy to the users of this VPN service with a high level of anonymity. Bitcoin payment feature used with this service further adds to the anonymity of the user.

Registration & Connection

The registration process for the service is very easy, as it needs a minimum amount of time and user details to get users subscribed to the VPN service. From providing the ease of connection to the server of this VPN service, a VPN client is available with it, which is easy to install and use.


The test of the speed of the connection was conducted on speedtest.net with a 10Mbps connection based in the UK. For servers based in the Netherlands and UK, the connection offered impressive results, with a negligible speed drop.



AirVPN service is offered with a support for different operating system platforms including Linux, Mac, windows for desktop users and Android & iOS for mobile users. It also supports DD-WRT and Tomato routers, while the instructions available for manual setup of the connection are very impressive.

Customer Support

The website for this VPN service is very neatly designed to offer a friendly user interface with a detailed information contained on it for supporting customer’s queries. For contacting the representatives of the company, it offers a forum support that contains all the necessary details of the service and representatives are available to provide resolution for the queries. Other support options available with this VPN provider include a 24*7 chat support through its website and an email based support system providing useful resolutions in a timely manner.


Overall, AirVPN is an ultimate VPN service offered by Italian hacktivists with the best privacy and security features. Along with a great speed for the users, this VPN service is the most preferred service among VPN customers. Limited number of support features does cause a little disappointment, but overall this service scores well.visit airvpn

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AirVPN Review– A VPN Service with Ultimate Security Lead by Italian Hacktivisits, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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