ProXPN on NSA Promoted Encryption Flaws

Rumors went flying this month about the NSA paying security companies to purposefully create flaws in their encryption programs. Documents leaked by Edward Snowden point to this as the NSA’s tactic for defeating user data encryption. One of the companies mentioned is the cyber security department of the EMC Corporation.

RSA Encryption Program Bug for NSA Spying

The cyber security department of the EMC Corporation, RSA, denied that it had been paid about 10 million US dollars to put a big in their encryption program. But documents showed that the NSA was striking a deal with them to the tune of that amount. The deal was so the NSA could get into the company servers and take user data. These types of backdoors are not news since the first reports from Snowden regarding NSA pressure on major Internet companies. But for a security company to get sucked into it is appalling. And a big company like RSA has a wide reach and can harm a lot of users.


VPN Protection against Encryption Flaws

Security companies and services like proXPN and RSA are there to protect users. People buy security software for the express purpose of preventing data breaches and spying activities. The report from Reuters stated that RSA put a bug in their encryption program that was used for their BSAFE product. BSAFE is used by developers to provide security or their applications. The flaw puts their reputations at risk as well since they are the names behind their apps. RSA firmly denied that it used the NSA bug and claims that it did not promote it as the default tool for encryption software development that would be used by millions of computer users. But it is still possible, and reliable VPN services like proXPN who stand up against such practices are here to give users the data protection they need.

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