proXPN for Arab Internet Freedom

Five out of the ten countries that censor the Internet the most are in the Middle East. Anti censorship VPN proXPN reports that Internet users in these countries are increasingly turning to VPNs to free their Internet.

VPNs for Internet Freedom in Arab Countries

Iran, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are among the top ten countries who impose heavy Internet censorship. VPN use in these countries helps the people living there to access the websites and services that they need and want. Internet censorship prevents them from reading the news as it is reported from different perspectives around the globe. It also limits their options for entertainment and communications. Many Internet users in these Arab countries want to use services like Netflix and Twitter, and read articles on various news and political websites.

VPN services like proXPN are designed to help people to bypass the censorship that limits the peoples’ freedoms. They are powerful enough to create private connections to the public Internet. And they encrypt these connections so that Internet users can surf safely as they enjoy their newfound Internet freedoms. The top VPNs that can guarantee safe, fast and open Internet access also do not cost very much these days. Internet users can get an anti censorship personal VPN service for less than ten US dollars a month.

Not only do VPNs like proXPN give users in Iran, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates the freedom to view blocked sites. These VPNs provide them with the power to access content that would be blocked in their locations even if there were no censorship. The Internet was made to free our access to information, regardless of our physical locations. VPNs are devices that support this original idea of open access online. And VPNs give people this freedom while protecting them from establishments and entities that would want to punish them for exercising these freedoms.


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