proXPN Applauds the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known to be the country that is most free of Internet censorship. It serves in this way as a defender of Internet freedom. They are strict on content piracy, but they also stand up against practices that violate people’s rights online. top VPN service proXPN applauds this stance as it believes in protecting the same rights.

Protecting Internet Freedoms

The Netherlands does not stand for filtering Internet connections. They do not believe that this is the right way to deal with content pirates or any other challenges they might face. The country also supports the new laws on net neutrality that fight website and online service blocks. They hold up laws that limit targeted marketing campaigns that use deep packet inspection. They in fact maintain a firm stance against any practices that manipulate online traffic for gain.

We need more countries that truly respect Internet freedoms, including the right to privacy online. The Netherlands has made this respect a government principal that is an example to be followed. When users have a Netherlands IP address, they are assured that there is no spying and no censorship to worry about.

Top Netherlands VPN Services

A Netherlands IP address is certainly something to desire. This IP can give users additional assurance of Internet privacy and freedom. With a top VPN service, users around the world can get a Netherlands IP. Then they can get the most uncensored and private connection possible. The combination of VPN encryption, private tunneling and the Netherlands IP will give them the safest and freest Internet experience.

There are a lot of services in other countries that do not allow access to outside users. With a VPN, users don’t have to suffer this. They can have a Netherlands IP when they need it, and they can get an IP from another country of their choice when it becomes advantageous to them. Users anywhere in the world can enjoy uncensored and private Internet all the time with a top VPN.


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