Protect Your Credit Card Info with ExpressVPN

Credit card theft is rampant online. But you can protect your credit card information with a security VPN like ExpressVPN and a little vigilance.

First Step: Use a VPN

The first step to achieving online security is always to use a VPN. A top online security VPN like ExpressVPN will protect your data even before you start surfing the web. This is very important because credit card theft begins with following the digital footprints you leave as you visit different places on the Internet. ExpressVPN hides your IP address, which contains personally identifiable information about you. Next, ExpressVPN secures your online transactions. When you enter your credit card details on websites, the data will be encrypted so that it can’t be read by online thieves. And ExpressVPN also further secures all your data by routing it through a private tunnel. This tunnel is like a secret passageway for your data. No one can get in, so no one can steal that data.

Second Step: Make Sure you are on HTTPS

HTTPS is basically secure HTTP. It adds encryption to the website pages. If the website you are giving your credit card details to does not use HTTPS, it is not securing the information that you enter on it. Most payment pages use HTTPS, but the other pages on the website may not. Again, this leaves a trail that thieves can follow. If they can track you to your favorite shopping sites, they can focus on these sites to target you. You are also safer shopping on websites that already have good reputations for securing user data. In any case, do not opt to have any website save your credit card information. It is more tedious to type it in every time you make a purchase, but it is much safer.

Third Step: Monitor your Credit Card Account

You should always be vigilant about checking your credit card statements. And this means keeping tabs weekly or even more often, not just reading through the monthly totals. Tally every purchase recorded to make sure there are no unusual charges. Pay attention to even the small amounts, because many online thieves charge small amounts on different cards to hide their trail. This way, they can keep using the stolen credit card number without ever being caught.

Monitoring your credit card account can be much more convenient if you use monitoring or tracking services or set up activity alerts. This way you can get notified of any activity that you have not authorized. If you find that there has been strange activity on your account, contact your issuing bank immediately. You are usually told that you have 60 days to file a dispute, but telling your bank sooner gets you better results from your card issuer. After fraudulent activity, you need to get a new account and card. Finally, you can use virtual card numbers if your bank offers this option. Virtual numbers are used only once so they are useless if stolen.



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