Outdated Privacy Act and ProXPN VPN

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act or ECPA which came out in 1986 remains outdated to this day. Imagine how the digital world was back then and compare it to our electronic age today. Apparently, something needs to be done but the government is stalling it to avoid clashes with the state’s surveillance. Earlier this year, Texas sparked a flame in the passing of the ECPA amendment. This action by Texas Governor Rick Perry set the example that all other states should follow to support the campaign for online privacy and protection.

The ECPA amendment still has a long way to go and what we need to get it passed is a strong support from everyone who cares about online privacy. Everyone who has a computer and uses the internet needs to be concerned about keeping their communications private at all times.

This couldn’t be any truer especially now that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is charting an exception to the ECPA. It turns out the SEC wants access to people’s data without being charged legally. This illicit request is impeding the progress which the bill should have had by now considering how long it has already been stalled.

In addition to SEC’s interference on the matter, nations everywhere are now seeing the disadvantages of entrusting data to the U.S. With people doubting the security of data storage within U.S. borders, the growth of cloud computing will be severely affected. The country’s role in the global market will continue to be at stake.

Despite the numerous ways the government has devised to intercept electronic data, you could still rest assured that your confidential information is safe where you are keeping it. Using virtual private networks (VPN) is not something new, but this is exactly what all computer users need. In order to prevent any government surveillance agency from stealing your private information, you need a VPN service like proXPN to ensure that everything you do online is hidden no matter where you are.


proXPN creates a secure, encrypted tunnel for your online data, and no one, not even proXPN administrators, can see what websites you are visiting, record your activities or intercept your banking information. Censorship and privacy threats are a huge crisis among netizens worldwide. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. proXPN and other top VPN providers promote the use of this service because your security is their priority.

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