No Netflix Throttling with ExpressVPN

When you use a top streaming VPN like ExpressVPN, Netflix throttling becomes a thing of the past. Not only can you get any version of Netflix from anywhere in the world, you can free your connection from bandwidth throttling practices.

Slow Netflix

Recently, more Netflix users have been complaining that they are having speed problems when trying to view content through the service. This is especially true for people who have contracts with the Internet service providers (ISPs) Verizon FiOS and Comcast. The recent FCC net neutrality guidelines have given ISPs more freedom to discriminate against certain types of traffic. ISPs have always tried to throttle streaming traffic because it takes up a lot of bandwidth.

It is evident that Verizon FiOS and Comcast can purposely slowing down Netflix traffic. Reports from users who have tried streaming on their regular connections and via VPN can show how the speeds go back to normal when they are on VPNs. Speeds should theoretically be slower over VPN than on a regular connection. But Netflix speeds on these ISPs are reduced by as much as 50%. Comcast even claimed that Netflix was the one throttling speeds, but the VPN tests prove that this is a lie. The Comcast – Netflix deal was supposed to fix the speed issue, but it is considered unfair by many, almost blackmail. And it doesn’t solve the problem for subscribers of other ISPs.

With ExpressVPN, no matter where you are and who your ISP is, you can get unrestricted access to Netflix. And this goes for other streaming services and blocked websites as well. ExpressVPN will hide your Netflix traffic from your ISP so they can’t squeeze your speeds to a crawl. You can then continue streaming as you have in the past. Plus you will get the advantages of superior ExpressVPN online security and privacy.


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