Mac OS 10.5 PPTP VPN Setup

ibVPN shares easy setup instructions for PPTP VPN connections on Mac OS 10.5. Apple is well known for being user-friendly, making things easier and simpler for its users. But ibVPN knows that sometimes it can still be confusing when using Mac for the first time, or when upgrading to 10.5 from a previous Mac OS version. Users can set up a variety of different VPN connections on their Macs, but for this tutorial we will use a basic ibVPN PPTP VPN connection as the example. The most convenient VPN solution is a pre-configured software solution like that provided by ibVPN. These software based VPNs also give users more options when it comes to worldwide server connection and protocol choices for different access needs and security levels.


Setting up a PPTP VPN connection on a Mac based machine can be done in a few simple steps. This tutorial provided by ibVPN will guide you through the setup:
1. Open “System preferences” from your desktop. From there, open “Network” and a list of available connections will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Add a new connection to the list by clicking the “+” symbol located at the bottom of the connections list.
2. A dialog box will open on your screen and prompt you to choose the interface type and the name of the network that you are going to create. Select the “VPN” option as the interface type and the give the network any name you want that will help you recognize the connection later when you want to connect to it. The next option is to choose the type of VPN connection you will use. Select the “PPTP” option. Click “Create” and your VPN connection will be set.
3. Check the list of available connections displayed under “Network” on the left side of your screen to find your newly created VPN connection.
4. Now you need to configure this new VPN connection to make it compatible with the services offered by your chosen VPN provider. Click on the new VPN connection and the configuration related options will be displayed. This is where you will fill in the details provided by ibVPN. If you have not received these instructions, please contact ibVPN to have them resent to you.
5. For “Server Address”, enter the IP address provided by ibVPN. Under “Account name”, enter the name registered for your ibVPN account.
6. Next, click on the “Authentication Settings” button. When prompted, enter the ibVPN password given to you for the connection. Hit “OK” and go back to your new ibVPN VPN connection “Network”.
7. Test your new ibVPN VPN connection by clicking “Connect” to establish a connection with the server. You should see a connection status showing your progress.
8. If you fail to connect, please review the above steps and try again. If you are still unable to connect, please contact ibVPN for support.

ibVPN is one of the leading worldwide VPN providers for easy to use, secure and anonymous VPN access. You can read about ibVPN features and other packages as well as those offered by other top VPN providers here.

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