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Kazakhstan and Russia are two of the Asian countries that experience tight Internet censorship. Their governments have made efforts to control residents’ Internet use to greater extents over the past year. But there is a solution for those who oppose political censorship and intimidation tactics. HappyVPN can give users an anonymous browsing experience that protects them from government oppression of the Internet.

Censorship Practices in Kazakhstan and Russia

The two countries have enforced technological censorship to control the distribution of content. This is used to limit the sphere of influence that political opponents might gain. By enforcing controls over what content can be viewed by residents, they can block opposing views from reaching the public. VPN services were originally created to give users private and secure Internet access. With the development and spread of Internet censorship, however, VPN services have expanded. HappyVPN is one provider that has innovated to include unblocking technology to aid users in countries like Kazakhstan and Russia. Users can now access websites and use prohibited tools to communicate freely with others on whatever topics they choose. HappyVPN also includes security and anonymity features to protect users from government backlash.

Prohibitive government regulations like Internet censorship often come along with intimidation tactics. To properly enforce unpopular regulations, governments keep the public in fear of breaking the law. Internet users in Kazakhstan and Russia have learned to be very careful about what content they access, and what they say and do online. They do not want to draw the attention of the government to themselves. Brave journalists and bloggers have learned to use VPN services to protect their identities as they make public the different incidents and situations that governments would prefer to keep secret.

Kazakhstan and Russia


HappyVPN for Free Internet

With HappyVPN, ordinary Internet users can remain anonymous, too. Though their reading preferences comments and other Internet activities may be undesirable in their governments’ eyes, the government will have no way of knowing that it is a citizen or resident that has done this. HappyVPN provides secure VPN servers for their subscribers to use. The VPN servers route their Internet traffic through a private tunnel. The data that users sent cannot be read, and the server gives them a different IP address. They can access what they want and do what they want without being identified. So users now do not have to be afraid of government retaliation.

KazakhTelecom Filters

Internet users in Kazakhstan have all their traffic forcibly rerouted through the filtering hardware and software of KazakhTelecom, the government controlled telecommunications company. On a regular Internet connections users have very limited access to content because of the strict filters in place. Businesses that provide Internet access in Kazakhstan are not limited, but the content that citizens are allowed to see and read is heavily censored. The state has focused much effort on denying public access to and the posting of political and social messages. Journalists, bloggers, and the public voice on these topics are silenced by fear of retaliation. HappyVPN has the technology to bypass local government filters to open access to all living in Kazakhstan. By using a HappyVPN server, any user can masquerade as a resident of another country. This will allow any user to avoid detection and blocking by KazakhTelecom. As an anonymous user who cannot be pinpointed as a Kazakhstan user, there is no fear of being caught.

Russian Government Censorship

The Russian government routinely censors information for its own political interests. Russians now enjoy a freer state, but Internet access is far from being freed. A new law that took effect in November 2012 allowed the government broad powers to censor Internet content. The law covers content that the government deems a promotion drug use, suicide and pornography.But the law actually allows the government much freedom in determining what content falls under these categories, and the scope of the government’s powers in using the law is actually much broader. For instance, the law has been used to block humor sites, and there is no transparency in the process. The government can basically restrict access to any IP address they wish. There is no way to protest and no reason need be given for why the content was blocked. The law also requires Russian ISPs to monitor traffic. This ties in with the government’s desire to know what Russians are reading on the Internet, with apparently no concern for their citizens’ privacy.

Both Russia and Kazakhstan have ambitions of becoming globally recognized IT centers. But their continued and growing censorship of the Internet is a contradiction. They desire to grow economically by getting a foot in the door to the IT world and the realm of online business. Yet they continue to censor Internet content locally for political gain. These governments may be more interested in preserving their political strength, but many have opened their eyes to the need for Internet freedom to aid them in bringing about greater economic potential in todays’ tech world. HappyVPN is a start for these broader-minded individuals who seek to loose the shackles of Internet censorship.

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