iVPN Urges UK Users to Protest Surveillance Laws

The UK is pushing for new surveillance laws and top VPN iVPN urges users to take a stand against these new laws. UK users must respond ASAP to prevent their online freedoms from being violated through these laws.

Online Surveillance in UK

According to recent studies, the UK comes out as one of the countries that has the worst reputation for surveillance laws. Europe is hailed as a home of freedoms and yet the UK pushes for more. Users need to get busy and let their government know that it is not OK to do this to them. The move for new and greater online surveillance powers is undemocratic. Here are two ways you can tell the government publicly that you oppose their move:

First, call or send emails to your designated Members of Parliament (MP). Tell them how you feel about the new surveillance law, called the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers bill. Explain to them why you don’t like this and how it harms you personally. Each of your personal stories is very important and more powerful than you think. Do this now before the bill goes for a vote in the House of Commons.

Tell your MPs that you don’t like all the rush with getting the bill passed. Bring up the amendment with the sunset clause that will give Parliament time to really look at it and think about its provisions. Tell them that online privacy is a basic human right as ruled by the UN and the EU. Remind them that mass surveillance is a violation of this right. The Data Retention Directive is going out the door and no similar laws should be coming in at this time.

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