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A lot of people have been using VPN services because this is the only thing they can do to secure their privacy online. They have also grown tired of dealing with ISP bandwidth throttling. It is curious, then, that an ISP in New Zealand has recently begun offering VPN-like services to its customers. This is something new, and top VPN iVPN applauds the move.

ISP Built In VPNs

The New Zealand Internet provider Slingshot has recently launched Global Mode. This service provides customers with the technology to circumvent geoblocking. This will be a very nice feature for Slingshot subscribers to have. For example, there is no Netflix in New Zealand. Now all Slingshot subscribers can join Netflix using Global Mode. They can also enjoy a variety of other content that is not available in New Zealand.

Global Mode is really being marketed to tourists in New Zealand, but everyone can sign up for the feature. The company focuses on their desire for visitors to have the comfort of feeling at home. This is a very good option for many as it allows them to surf as they did at home and also gives them the additional security that an anonymous IP provides.


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