iVPN Heartbleed Patched, Update these Passwords

iVPN had its webs one of the top VPN providers that has acted against Heartbleed quickly. The iVPN website and services have been checked for Heartbleed. A few of their server clusters were affected and have been patched. They also issued new RSA certificates for all their servers as an extra security measure.

iVPN Heartbleed Patched

Heartbleed affected only about 5% of iVPN server clusters. They have applied the needed patches to the affected OpenSSL implementations. They also applied additional security measures just to be safe. One of these was reissuing 4096 bit RSA certificates for all their servers.

Updating Passwords

Now is the time to update your iVPN passwords. The OpenSSL patch has been applied, so Heartbleed cannot leak your new passwords. If you are using other online services, you will need to update those passwords as well. Make sure, however, that you have checked with each service before you update your passwords. The services must first apply the OpenSSL patch before you can securely change your passwords. Look for updates from official channels only so you can be sure the patch is applied.


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