iVPN for Ukraine Website Blocks

The Ukraine is about to experience some serious website blocks. The government has already passed the initial version of a law that affects websites and media outlets. iVPN is one of the top VPN website unblockers that can help people in the Ukraine maintain access after the government implements the blocks.

Information Bans

The new Ukranian law has very wide coverage. It will give officials of the Verkhovna Rada massive powers to ban various sources of information. The RNBO, the Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, will be able to not only block websites but also force media companies to shut down. And they can do all this without needing a court order.

Parliament gave their approval after the first reading of the proposed law. The second reading is ongoing. They want to grant these extreme powers to protect the government and for security reasons. The law can ban any source of information, whether local print media or Internet material. Television and radio are also at risk, as well as all Internet sources. The government is fast tracking this law, claiming that they do not need to discuss it with the people or the companies that it affects.


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