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iVPN is a leading VPN security solution with years of experience in providing Internet privacy and access to users worldwide. The iVPN app for iOS is a brilliantly designed VPN App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It makes safe WiFi surfing very easy, which is important to ensure that users always have their iVPN connection to secure their online activities.

iVPN for iOS

The iVPN iOS App has a very simple design, giving users the ultimate convenience unlike with other technically complex VPN Apps. The VPN experience is not productive when it causes people to get frustrated and stop using it. The idea behind the iVPN app is to make it so simple that people are encouraged to use it. Online privacy and security is very important these days, so people can’t afford to get frustrated with the VPN and just stop using it.

iVPN understands how sensitive Internet security and privacy has become in recent months. There is a global threat to user privacy and security, and iVPN aims to create awareness of the threat and provide a convenient solution to users everywhere. The news is getting around, and about 80% of VPN users are now signing up to get a simple and easy way to protect their privacy online. Since most people now surf the Web via smartphones more than other portable devices, the iVPN iOS app is now one of the most important tools for online privacy and security.

Safe WiFi Surfing with iVPN for iOS

Public WiFi is dangerous, but most people just can’t stay away from it. They need it to keep abreast with the latest news, to keep in touch with friends and family, and to stay connected to the office. The iVPN iOS app is a simple and easy to connect iOS VPN app that will protect users’ privacy on unsecure WiFi connections. Almost 20 people around the world become victims of WiFi cyber-attacks every second. Every year, $1.2 million is stolen by hackers that have obtained access to banking accounts and credit card passwords. This money is unrecoverable. The iVPN app is designed to secure data transmissions so hackers can’t steal bits of data that they can use to get into users’ accounts.

The iVPN iOS app can also protect users against tracking and monitoring done by ISPs and websites. Social media and cloud services have become indispensable to many people. They use them for personal communications and sharing, as well as for work. But uploading personal and private data is very dangerous when there are snoopers all around. iVPN can secure people from being identified through their IP addresses. A user’s IP address plus a little data from the ISP or websites visited contains enough information to identify a user. This is very dangerous to personal privacy and security. By routing your Internet traffic through an iVPN server, you can hide that information from everybody. They can still see your activity on websites, but they will not know that it is you.

With iVPN, you can connect to any available iVPN server quickly and easily. You can switch servers when you need to, and get fast speeds compared to other services. With fast speeds and unlimited server switching, you can access all the geographically blocked content on the Internet. And you can do it privately and securely. 24/7 customer support is also available so you can get troubleshooting tips whenever you encounter a problem.


Other Apps for Easy WiFi Surfing

Many Internet users still prefer to use free WiFi because data charges for 4G networks are so high. Until telecoms can provide their subscribers with reasonable terms, people will continue to rely on public WiFi for their connection needs. WiFi is dangerous, but once you have your iVPN app installed on your iOS device, you can feel safe using free WiFi. And there are some other great apps available that make WiFi surfing more enjoyable. Here are a few very nice WiFi helper apps for Apple’s iOS: Free WiFi Finder, TWC WiFi Finder, Viber, and My Data Manager.

The latest version of Free WiFi Finder has so far been very highly rated by users. It works from the global hotspot directory provider JiWire and uses the phone’s GPS and other location services to tell you where you can find free and paid WiFi hotspots. Searches can be filtered with keywords to make it easier. You can also use it offline after downloading the update, so you can find the next hotspot to visit.

TWC WiFi Finder is an app that suggests locations of WiFi provided by US cable Internet providers. These roaming providers, including Cox, Time Warner Cable, and Xfinity, have collaborated to create CableWiFi, an urban cross-ISP roaming network of hotspots. These WiFi connections are more secure than the usual public variety because they are accessed through the authentication of a cable subscription. TWC WiFi Finder is rated just OK by users of the current version, so it’s not a highly recommended app, but if you subscribe to any of the participating providers, then you are already paying for the provided hotspots.

Along with the outrageous data charges comes the charges for call and text services. Many smartphone users are sticking with public WiFi and using free call and text apps to keep their costs down. Viber is a highly rated app that can replace your mobile carrier. Of course, the people you communicate with need to be connected and use the app as well. But it’s no different than it was with Facebook at the beginning when we needed to invite people to use the platform. Viber lets you communicate via voice, video and text with fellow Viber users, all for free. Push notifications are available to make sure that you get all your messages even when you are offline.

My Data Manager is also a highly rated app by Mobidia that allows you to monitor your data usage over both WiFi and mobile networks over time. You can use it to see what services are using the most data so you can manage them and track your costs. You can set the app to budget paid data usage and to plan downloading for only when you are off the cell network and on free WiFi.

Again, as long as your online privacy and security is protected by your iVPN app, you can make the most of public WiFi. Use a few great apps alongside your iVPN app to have the most enjoyable and worry-free WiFi experience.

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