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Google Play is a great place to find tons of awesome Android apps. A lot of people go to the Google Play Store because they feel safer downloading apps there than they do anywhere else. Google Play checks apps before they put them up for user to view, and take down apps that have been found to pose risks. But some people can’t get the best experience on Google Play. This is where the top VPN iVPN comes in, and a few other tips for a better time at the store.

Get the Most out of Google Play

Not all apps are available to all users. This is one of the most annoying things on Google Play. It is really unfair to a lot of users and this is offensive. It is also not what you would expect from an open source platform like Android. How could the main Android app store discriminate? Well, no one has to go through this if they have a VPN. iVPN, for example, can give users the IP addresses that they need to make the apps they want appear on their screens. Once you are connected to the right country server, Google Play will detect that IP and show you the app. Then you can get the app without any problems. Just check off Unknown Sources and hit Install.

If you want to download certain apps that are not suitable for children, you can still do so safely. Your Android has a feature that allows you to apply parental controls so children can’t access those apps. If you are interested in an app but don’t want to pay for it before you test it, you can do this, too. There are two ways that you can test an app and get your money back if you are not sold on it. There is a grace period that allows you to use an app for 15 minutes and return it for a refund. This is also useful if you download the wrong app by mistake. The other way is to return the app and wait for the refund which is usually processed within a couple of days.


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