iVPN and Mozilla 31

Mozilla has just released a new version of its Firefox web browser. This version has great security updates that support their vision for online privacy and the open Internet. Along with a top VPN such as iVPN, Internet users can be safe from website blocks and surveillance.

Firefox 31 Update

Mozilla just released a full update for their popular browser Firefox. There are a lot of new features on this version, and some will be very interesting for privacy conscious users. It is also good for safe website access along with a good VPN service like iVPN.

Firefox 31 allows users to download more safely. It now uses Google’s Safe Browsing repository so that malicious phishing scams and attachments don’t reach users and infect them with malware. Firefox publicizes their pledge to provide privacy and open access, and the new update does just this. The last version of Firefox was able to check suspicious URLs, but version 31 provides better security from attacks. Discovered memory safety vulnerabilities have also been fixed in the new version.

Combining Firefox 31 with a secure VPN, users can be confident that they have browsing privacy. The souped up malware features of Firefox plus VPN anonymity are a great combination for free and safe Internet browsing.


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