IPVanish Server Update

IPVanish has been busy this month with server additions in four countries. They have also worked on their server expansion in Asia. This top VPN retains its spot because of these continuous updates to their network. To date, they have available a total of more than 120 anonymous VPN servers all over the world. They are proud to be one of the fastest and most reliable, as a true Tier-1 VPN service.

New Servers in May

IPVanish is proud to announce that they now have over 14,000 anonymous IPs available on their servers spread around 55 different countries. Apart from the server expansion in Asia, they have added four new servers in Europe and South America. The latest addition to the Europe servers in one in Athens, Greece. There are also two recent additions in Tirana, Albania and in Zurich, Switzerland. The new South American server is in San Jose, Costa Rica. All of these servers are available to IPVanish users for free. IPVanish restates their pledge to always provide quality service with these latest additions. The servers will give users top VPN speeds, secure VPN connections and superior technical support at low costs as part of their commitment.

Asia Server Expansion

Asia has seen a lot of action this month as IPVanish has added a total of 19 servers across the continent. The latest Asian addition is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There are also new servers in Zagreb, Croatia; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Kharkiv, Ukraine; Istanbul, Turkey; and in Mumbai and New Delhi, India. Hong Kong got a new server, as did Bangkok, Thailand; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There are three new IPVanish servers each in Serangoon, Singapore and Tokyo, Japan. Seoul, South Korea got two new VPN servers.


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