IPVanish Offers Multiple IPs for Versatility

Any proxy, or alternate IP address, can protect your identity and unblock content restrictions. But there are limitations when you have only one option. IPVanish explains the need for a VPN with multiple IP options for higher level security and privacy online.

Why Use a VPN

A VPN like IPVanish works to protect your data as it is transported via the Internet. It does this by creating a virtual tunnel for your data to pass through, a tunnel that can be accessed by only you, and that encrypts the data so that it cannot be read by anyone without the decryption key. It routes your data to the IPVanish VPN server where you are given an alternate IP address before your communication reaches the recipient. This renders you anonymous so that you cannot be connected to the data.

Anti-virus software can protect your system from viruses, and firewalls can protect your data. But these work only when they have been updated to detect and block threats. The latest viruses and malware can slip past them and easily infect your system. What a VPN does is block threats at the server level before they can get near your computer or mobile device. The IPVanish VPN also provides privacy online by securing your identity. Data security is also guaranteed by the encryption that a VPN provides. This way, you not only block hackers but also snooping by people on your network, your ISP, and your government. They cannot monitor you or log your internet activities because they cannot see your real IP address. With an IPVanish VPN connection, you can freely enjoy surfing because you are safe and anonymous.

Your IP address is a unique identifier that you get from your ISP. It reveals your general location and any other details that are connected to your Internet account. Every website you open, your ISP, every Internet enabled application you use, and any other person or agency that knows how to monitor Internet traffic can see who you are through your IP address. An IPVanish VPN connection prevents this from happening by assigning you an IP address from one of its servers. This makes it impossible for anyone to find your real IP address and track you down and follow you around the Internet.


The Advantages of Multiple IP Options

Having multiple IP address options gives you greater advantage because you can change whenever you like. One IP keeps you limited to that area. This means you can only access georestricted content from that area. With multiple options, one IPVanish VPN account can give you access to almost any restricted content, anywhere in the world. IPVanish VPN also offers various IP addresses from different countries so you can select the one that gives you the most reliable connection and speed at different times and on different days. You will always get the best connection, and at no additional charge.

In a nutshell, here are the online privacy, security and anonymity benefits of using a service like IPVanish VPN that offers multiple IP addresses.

  • Unblock all of your favorite websites around the world. Get access to an unlimited number of international servers that can give you access to blocked and regionally restricted websites.
  • Surf safely whole remaining anonymous to protect your privacy. You can watch videos, read content, shop and bank, all without anyone being able to track you and log your activities or steal your data.
  • Help your business grow by using a multiple IP addresses VPN provider for smooth and safe communications. All your employees, whether in-house or working remotely, can connect to your organization’s VPN and share data safely and freely.
  • Send bulk emails without coming up against data or bandwidth limitations or being mistakenly flagged as a spamming IP address. Multiple IP addresses solve this problem because you can switch to a new IP address when you near your usage limits. It also secures your data transmission so your huge traffic flow does not become interesting to hackers.
  • Maintain online privacy and security by using different IP addresses for your online activities. Be untraceable and send encrypted data that cannot be intercepted or read by unauthorized parties.
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