IPSec VPN setup procedure on iPhone

VPN service is widely used by individuals and business organizations living in various countries. VPN is an effective solution for smartphone and tablet users because it provides the necessary security parameters to smartphone users. Smartphones and tablets lack security features and this causes major damage to the data possessed in the network. IPSec VPN service is offered by many popular VPN service providers. Apple iPhone users need to know how to setup IPSec VPN on their device.

IPSec VPN iOS application

There are quite a few numbers of IPSec VPN service providers that offer iOS based VPN application to their subscribers. Internet users who have signed up for the services provided by any of these service providers need not worry about setting up VPN on their device since it is fairly simple. VPN application should be downloaded from the App store and installed on the device. Enter all the account particulars in the respective fields on the application and connect to the VPN server provided by the VPN. Subscribers won’t face much problem connecting to the server using this iOS application.

IPSec VPN setup procedure

VPN subscribers need to get all the account particulars from the service provider. Welcome email would be delivered to the subscriber by the respective VPN service provider. All the details provided to the user should be kept confidential. All the account particulars are necessary to setup VPN on the device. Subscribers can follow the instructions given below to setup VPN on iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings page by clicking on the Settings icon on the home page.
  2. Under this section, choose the option of ‘General’.
  3. In the general section, tap on VPN which can be found at the bottom of the page.
  4. Tap on ‘Add VPN Configuration’ to create a new VPN connection.
  5. In the resulting page, the subscriber can choose the type of VPN connection that they want to setup from the options of L2TP or PPTP or IPSec.
  6. After choosing the type of VPN protocol, which in our case is IPSec VPN, the user should fill in all the account particulars.
    1. Field of Description is nothing but the name of the IPSec VPN connection that the user is setting up. Subscribers can decide on the name they want to keep for the new VPN connection.
    2. The next field is the ‘Server’ address where the user should enter the server address provided by the VPN service provider. Server address entered by the subscriber would be correct, and if the server address is incorrect, the subscriber cannot establish the VPN connection. Server address should indicate the address that the user is going to connect to.
    3. Account name field should also be entered by the subscriber correctly. Username and password would be provided to every single subscriber. Every single subscriber would have a unique account name provided by the VPN.
    4. One-time activation password would be provided to the subscriber and this should be used for the first time login. Password should be changed by the subscriber and a strong password should be kept.
    5. Secret key can also be set by the subscriber. Subscribers should also set the option of ‘Send all traffic’ to ON position in order to make use of the internet network for all their data activity.
  7. Setup process is complete and the new VPN connection can be found in the VPN section of the General menu page.

Individuals can setup IPSec VPN on their devices by following the step-by-step guidelines given above. If the subscriber is having problems in setting up VPN on their device they should cross-check the setup. If the problem persists, then the user can contact the customer support feature provided by IPSec VPN.

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