Instructions to Create & Configure an L2TP VPN Connection on Android 4.x Device

The process to set up an L2TP VPN connection on an Android device is simple, for which steps vary with the version of the Android OS. However, the below given steps provide a guide to create the connection on an Android OSv4.0 and higher.

  • To begin the process for the setup of an L2TP VPN connection on an Android device, press the ‘menu’ button on the home screen. This will open up the idle screen menu, wherein you need to tap on the ‘settings’ option to access the settings of your device.
  • On the ‘settings’ menu, look for the ‘more’ option and tap on it to open the new page containing the VPN settings option.
  • On the next page, tap on the ‘VPN’ option to open the vpn related settings. Here you will find options to create and configure a VPN connection to be used with the device.
  • On the ‘VPN’ page, click on the ‘Add VPN Network’ option to create a new VPN connection for the device. Before taking you to the network creation steps, you will be prompted to create a PIN or password based screen lock, which is necessary to ensure security of your private data and VPN login credentials.
  • You will get a small form, where you will see a field labeled with the ‘type’ and ‘PPTP’ as the selected option for that field. Tap on ‘PPTP’ to get a list of available protocols, for which a connection can be created on this device. Look for the ‘L2TP ‘option and tap on it to select it.
  • After making this selection, you will see that the number of fields in the form have increased enhancing the size of the form. Enter the name of the VPN connection, whatever you wish to, in the first field. For the values to be filled in ‘server address’ and ‘IPSec Pre-Shared Key’, you can refer to the welcome mail or contact customer support service.
  • Now tap on the ‘show advanced options’ and then enter the value ‘’ in the field labeled ‘DNS Servers’.
  • After entering all the details in the desired fields, recheck all to confirm that you haven’t entered any wrong value. After verification, tap on ‘save’ option to save all the data.
  • With this step, you will be finished with the creation of the L2TP VPN connection on your Android device, which you can now use to connect to the subscribed VPN service.
  • You will see the name of the VPN connection that you created in the ‘VPN’ menu. Tap on the name of the connection to establish a connection. Before connecting to the server, you will be prompted for the VPN username and password. Input the credentials and check the box for ‘save account information’ to save them for future use.
  • After a successful connection, a key icon will appear on the bar at the top along with the status of the connection changing to ‘connected’. These are two indicators in the Android device that indicate the successful establishment of the connection with the server.

Thus, you can enjoy anonymous surfing on your Android 4.x device.

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