ibVPN and BT for Safe Microsoft Azure Connections

Top VPNs like ibVPN have been securing Internet traffic to and from cloud storage for many Windows users. Now there is additional protection from BT for Microsoft Azure connections.

Microsoft Azure Security

The joint project between Microsoft and BT now gives Microsoft Azure users better connection security. The tool is called ExpressRoute. The tool also gives users a better experience with high performance within the cloud. ExpressRoute secures users by protecting their data, applications, and data transfers. Enjoying the ease and flexibility of Microsoft’s could services is now worry-free.

Taking a cue from top VPNs like ibVPN, ExpressRoute gives Azure users an “Express Route” to the cloud. It is a special route that takes user traffic away from the public Internet. This connection is made through the BT VPN service. This is a connection designed for Azure users, integrating its infrastructure with customers’ WAN. It is fast and secure, and users will be able to test it in the second half of this year. Europe will get the first connections, then Asia, then other worldwide locations.

Meantime, top VPNs continue to protect cloud users from Internet sniffing and snooping. When ExpressRoute goes online, users might find this a better solution for Azure. But they should not give up their personal or corporate VPNs. These are what secure other Internet activities like VoIP calls instant messaging, banking and social media.


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