IAPS Security Warns about Heartbleed

The Heartbleed SSL vulnerability is causing a major scare. It is a very serious vulnerability that can compromise the security of millions of Internet users. It can be used by hackers to get to very sensitive data on company servers. It also affects router and networking equipment. IAPS Security is issuing a warning to all Internet users to check their websites and the sites they visit for the Heartbleed bug as soon as possible. IAPS Security is a top VPN provider and all-around computer security firm.


The Heartbleed bug puts user passwords, account details, and other important personal user information at risk. It is a bug in the Secure Sockets Layer that renders SSL encryption useless. A lot of Internet services rely on SSL to secure emails, website payments, and private communications. OpenSSL is used by websites to encrypt user traffic. This is where the bug was found.

Apache and nginx are two types of Web server software that are very popular. They both use OpenSSL and are therefore open to Heartbleed exploits. Not all websites are compromised or have the security flaw. But IAPS Security strongly urges users and administrators to test all the websites that they use and manage. They can go to http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/ for this check.

IAPS Security

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