IAPS Security VPN for Online Shoppers

Middle East and North African (MENA) countries received a warning about malware attacks this week. There is a growing cybercriminal presence on MENA networks. Mobile shoppers are especially vulnerable and are advised to use online security tools like the IAPS Security VPN. Wireless networks, especially public WiFi, are very dangerous for shoppers.

Mobile Shopping Protection

Mobile shopping has become popular in MENA countries of late. Many people are getting smartphones and tablets. So it has become convenient for them to use these devices for online shopping. But they are not aware of the very real dangers that they face. Because it is mobile shopping, most of them will log on to online stores from WiFi hotspots. This leaves them in very real danger from so many different online threats. And these days, even using a smartphone data plan can be dangerous. There is so much traffic going through the different carriers. So these companies will leverage public WiFi to lessen the traffic on their networks. So even using a phone’s Internet connection is dangerous when most people think it is safe.

Personal details like names, emails, phone numbers and addresses are very valuable to online criminals. They can use them to commit fraud and identity theft. And credit card numbers and account passwords are even more valuable. The criminals can use them to rack up purchases or sell them. The forecast for MENA mobile traffic is that they will increase in the coming year. The growth in the UAE alone will be about 95%. This means that online crime can be expected to increase as well.

Internet users in the MENA areas need to start protecting themselves with security VPN services. These services will encrypt the data that consumers share on online shopping sites. This will protect their passwords and credit card numbers from being intercepted because the criminals will not be able to decode them. It will also protect them from being tracked by criminals who want to follow them to where they shop to try to take the credentials from there.

IAPS Security

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