IAPS Security on White House Online Privacy Survey

The White House has become very interested lately in what people think about online privacy and government data gathering. The move was spurred by all the anxiety over government surveillance. And the fact that it has not died down in the ten months since the country found out that they were being spied on. IAPS Security is a company that believes in strong data security. Privacy is a very important part of that. This is why IAPS Security is one of the best VPN services. And IAPS Security applauds this sign that the government is listening to Americans’ privacy concerns.

The White House Data Gathering Survey

In January, President Obama made a move to modify how government agencies like the NSA gather and treat data. In his speech at the Justice Department, he talked about changing how technologies are used to address national security concerns. He touched on privacy considerations and how they impact the lives of peoples in different sectors.

Now the White House website is hosting a short survey until the end of this month to see what people think about data privacy and the different organizations that have access to it. The survey will be used to give the administration a better understanding of how to treat data while respecting the privacy of American citizens.

One multiple-choice question on the survey asks how much people trust different organizations with their data, such as businesses, schools, doctors, spy and government agencies. Another question focuses on how concerned people are about others gathering data on their audio and video files, location, phone records, and online profiles and browsing habits. They also asked how people feel about data gathering, sharing, and storage; and how they feel about the legal standards and transparency applied to the process. The survey also included two sections where people could add their own thoughts. One was on the uses of data and technologies that they think change their daily lives. The other is a free space where people could add any other thoughts about data gathering and data privacy.

IAPS Security

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