IAPS Security against PRISM Surveillance

The news just keeps coming about NSA surveillance. And with every report about PRISM and associated spy programs, it just gets worse. According to the latest disclosures by Edward Snowden, the NSA has the ability to access any kind of data, any time they want, on anyone. Detailed printed records of NSA tools and relationships with other spy agencies have given people a much clearer picture of the very wide reach the agency really has. So how can we protect ourselves from being victims of extensive online surveillance massive data gathering? The best tool out there that is available to the average Internet user is a VPN like what is provided by IAPS Security.

Unilateral, Unlimited Access

The documents that Edward Snowden has recently revealed show that the NSA has the ability to secretly access any data from within the agency. The software highlighted in the documents is called XKeyscore. This software is so sophisticated that it can find data on anyone’s social media accounts. And this is not limited to posts, but includes private messages. It can pull up actual emails, video and voice chat records, photos, file transfers, and more, not just their metadata. And it can do this without passwords. XKeyscore can get just about anything about anyone, as long as it is online.This program can be used to suck enormous amounts of data from very large databases, just by filling out a simple form.A single detail like a phone number or email address can open up all this information to the tool and the one who typed in the search.

XKeyscore also allows operators to perform real-time tracking on Internet users around the world. They can gather and intercept data as it flows through traffic streams.IAPS Security VPN can help users by securing their traffic streams and hiding their IP addresses so that this data stream cannot be connected to them. The software will not pick up on this activity since it is not connected to a user. And analysts may be able to see the activity on some other related search, but they will not be able to know who it belongs to.

Unsupervised Access

This amazing software can be accessed by just about any analyst on the floor. And these days, the analysts working there are mostly not NSA. Like Edward Snowden, most are contracted from outside companies, private companies who have their own agendas.XKeyscoreis very easy to use, and analysts don’t need more than a perfunctory reason to begin a search. It’s more of filling something in to meet the program’s requirement than a real justification for a search.

The form that the analysts fill out is not even reviewed by any NSA or court personnel, either before or after the search is done. In the documents, instructions stated that analysts were to simply give some reason to justify the search, how good a reason it was didn’t matter. The NSA analysts in charge of XKeyscorein addition don’t need any type of authorization to read through the details of any kind of data that is taken by the program from the nationwide databases.

IAPS Security

Unencumbered Surveillance

The NSA is capable of, and is executing, extensive and in-depth surveillance. They are listening in on live communications and reading stored information without any boundaries. Many Americans did not worry so much about this previously. They felt that their privacy was encroached on, but did not really feel threatened. They thought that if they were not communicating with any terrorists that the NSA would not monitor them. But this is not true.

The nature of the relations between the NSA and the British equivalent, GCHQ, have also been made clearer by the unveiled documents. They show us that it is likely that the British are spying on Americans for the NSA, since the NSA cannot legally do it themselves. Massive amounts of funding have been given to the GCHQ by the NSA since 2009, amounting to over $156 billion US dollars. The GCHQ in return must provide the NSA with a quota of data. One specific, documented case of the GCHQ handing over surveillance information on an American in New York was revealed by Snowden.

Privacy Protection

It seems that any individual citizen is open to these ongoing massive and invasive surveillance and data mining activities. Only a VPN has the technology and service capability to help people maintain Internet privacy. Many users are already depending on VPN services like those provided by IAPS Security. VPNs can give Internet users back a degree of privacy that no tool has been able to give them. VPN service provide more advanced online security than other tools. A service like IAPS Security VPN can send user data through an encrypted, private tunnel that is exclusive to the user. By connecting to the Internet through a secure IAPS Security VPN server, a user can browse privately and securely. The secure IAPS VPN server then gives the user an alternate IP address that will provide them anonymity as they access different sites and services online. VoIP, instant messaging, and browsing are all protected.

Along with using more secure services for Internet communications and browsing, IAPS Security VPN can help you keep your data private. Shielding ourselves from Internet spying has become a real necessity. Internet users simply can no longer afford to browse openly if they want to keep their privacy. For more information on IAPS Security VPN, please visit our top 5 VPN page.

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