How to setup VPN connection on IOS

All the Apple products run on IOS platform and all those who possess them would be in need of securing access and also at the same time, protect their data. Data protection is a key and it would not be possible for an IOS user to secure their data unless they make use of a VPN service. The numbers of individuals and business organizations that make use of Mac devices are very high and when you consider the population of all those who have them, the numbers would be astonishing. Mac devices are used by individuals to access internet, store their personal files, photos, music files, documents etc. Business organizations make use of Mac devices to enhance their business quality, speed up their operations, for performing business communications etc. All these can be done in a secure manner only with the help of IOS VPN. Thus, IOS and VPN work hand in hand.

IOS VPN in providing accessibility

Individuals and business organizations would be in need of accessibility wherever they go or wherever they are situated. Individuals might be forced to travel to different countries for both personal and official purposes. Likewise business organizations would want to have a control over their business centers located in different countries. Both these activities cannot be handled successfully without the help of IOS VPN.

Accessibility on the internet would not be the same throughout the world i.e. websites that are available in certain countries would not be available in another country. This situation is in existence because of online restrictions like geographic restrictions, internet censorship, firewalls etc. All these forms of restrictions would prevent the internet user from watching websites streamed in various parts of the world i.e. a person living in the US would be able to access only US websites and they would not be able to view websites streamed in other countries like UK, Canada etc. Similarly, an internet user located in a country that has prominent internet censorship in place would not be able to view most of the popular websites and even social networking websites.

IOS VPN would bypass any form of online restriction and provide accessibility to the internet user. The simple technique behind this is IP hiding and replacement technique. By hiding the original IP of the IOS VPN subscriber and replacing it with a new IP address corresponding to the country’s website that the person is trying to access, the IOS VPN servers provide accessibility. As a result of this technique, the website management would think that, the person is trying to access the contents from within the accessible zone and similarly, none of the online restrictions can be imposed since the original IP is hidden.

Secured internet network offered by IOS VPN

Security is very important for whoever is accessing the internet using their Mac devices. Individuals and businesses would want to secure their personal and official details from online threats. There are a lot of hacking, snooping etc. happening in the internet world and it would not be possible for the person to stay secured without the help of IOS VPN.

IOS VPN servers provide an encrypted internet network. Security is provided through this internet network and this network would be encrypted, protocol based and also tunnel based too. Thus, a multi layer security is provided to the IOS VPN subscriber. Highest level of security can be achieved by the internet user with the help of IOS VPN. Although Mac devices are secured, it would be possible for the internet user to enhance the security level and be sure of not being threatened with the help of IOS VPN.

Know your IOS VPN package

VPN service providers should subscribe for a suitable and attractive VPN package. Whether it is individuals or business organizations, the package should suit the subscriber the most. The subscriber should evaluate each and every VPN service provider and choose the package which would suit them the most. There is no point in choosing a VPN service blindly without looking into your needs and the company’s services.

Setup procedure for IOS VPN

The process of setting up IOS VPN on your device would be very simple. Have a look into the points below and setup the network you need.

  • Go to the “Settings” page. Go to the “General” page and then select, “Network”.
  • Under the Network page, select “VPN” and select, “Add VPN Configuration”.
  • On the “Add VPN Configuration” page, the user would be able to find, the three types of VPN protocols in display and they are ‘L2TP’, ‘PPTP’ and ‘IPSec’.
  • Select the type of VPN protocol based on the type provided by the VPN service provider.
  • After selecting the type of VPN, let us say ‘L2TP’; enter all the details in the entries given.
  • Enter the Description of the VPN network. In the ‘Server’ entry, the user should enter the server name.
  • Account details such as the Account name or username, password correctly. If you leave the “Password” entry as blank, then you would have to enter the password every time you try to connect to the VPN network.
  • VPN Secret should also be entered. The option of “Send all traffic” should be kept in ‘ON’ position. This would make sure that, the entire internet activity performed by the internet user is performed through the IOS VPN
  • Proxy should be kept in OFF. After entering all these details, click Save to “Save the Configuration”.

Setup procedure for IOS VPN is complete. Now, the user would be able to connect to the VPN network and access all the websites they want.

Best IOS VPN service providers

The best in business as far as IOS VPN service is concerned are listed in the order of their efficiency, credibility, reliability, customer satisfaction, etc.

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