HMA VPN not Vulnerable to Heartbleed

The HideMyAss website was reported as vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. This made users of the top VPN nervous. But HMA cleared up the confusion and reassures its users that using the HMA Pro! VPN is safe.

HMA Website Vulnerability

The HMA website was vulnerable, but not the HMA servers. The danger to came from the service that they used to prevent DDOS attacks. HideMyAss explained that this vulnerability did not affect the HMA servers or VPN accounts. The server that users communicate with is separate from the website. It is on, a subdomain that did not have the Heartbleed bug.

Since the VPN server was safe, HMA users don’t have to worry. Their user credentials were not in any danger from Heartbleed. HMA still advises that users change their passwords for the other websites that they use. The HMA website has also been patched since the Heartbleed bug was reported by the OpenSSL project.

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