HMA Tips for Complete Online Privacy

Just a year ago, very few Internet users knew about private email services. They were not popular because people didn’t know how much they needed to secure their online accounts. Many individual Internet users did not know about VPN services, either. They were used by some company workers to remotely access office files. Now services like HMA have become personal Internet security tools.

Tools for Today’s Internet Threats

The NSA PRISM scandal was a major catalyst for modern Internet security tools. When the world discovered that governments were spying on their private messages and Internet activities, they realized how little privacy they really have online despite the promises that many online companies make. The huge jump in the popularity of private email services and Internet anonymizers is a direct result of this.

Data encryption was previously used by people who had very valuable information to protect, like military secrets and marketable intellectual property. Today it is an everyday tool that average Internet users employ. Personal VPNs like HMA are becoming as common as antivirus software, and they are just as important for security. They are no longer only for keeping company secrets or saving activists from detection. They are for every individual who goes online.

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