HMA on Clearing Trackable Data

Clearing the Internet data that gets left behind on your computer is important. Using a top VPN like HMA to secure traffic is not enough for Internet security. You need to clear your browser’s cache. And you need to make sure that Flash and Java data are properly cleared out as well.

Browser Clearing

Clearing your browser’s cache is the easy part. All you need to do is click a button in your browser privacy and security settings. You can even set your browser not to save certain types of cookies. This will allow you to surf comfortably. Then you will only need to clear the cache manually every week or so, depending on how much you use the Internet and what websites you visit.

Clearing Flash and Java

Flash and Java cookies are used to track Internet users. Clearing browsing history and cache do not remove these types of cookies. The usual tools for cleaning your system don’t work on these cookies either. They are made to stick to your computer. To clear out Flash and Java, you need to use the best tools like CCleaner.

To clear Java in Windows, go to your Control Panel and open Java to launch the Java Control Panel. Open the Settings of the Temporary Internet Files, click Delete and OK. If you want to be safer, uncheck the “Keep temporary files” box in Settings. Click OK again and you’re done.

For Flash, go to the Flash Settings Manager. In Website Storage Settings, find the list of sites that have left Flash on your computer. Click Confirm to remove them. On that page, you can also adjust the settings of what sites can leave on your computer.

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