HMA Announces End to Turkey YouTube Ban, Free VPN Offer

HMA was very proud and happy to let us all know that the ban on YouTube in Turkey has finally been lifted. Top VPN provider HMA protested against this ban and showed their support for free Internet by offering their HMA Pro! VPN for free.

Turkey YouTube Ban is Over!

HMA has been offering users in Turkey free use of the HMA Pro! VPN during the time that YouTube was banned. They are very happy that the ban has been lifted, and since Internet users Turkey don’t need a VPN for YouTube anymore, they are calling back the offer. Users can of course still enjoy the free HMA VPN package or sign up for a Pro! VPN subscription if they want to continue to use the prime VPN features.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the block on YouTube as he had previously ordered bans on Twitter and Facebook. He does not like social media sites because the Turkish people use them to express their thoughts and share material that put him in a bad light. But it is their right to know the truth, so HMA is glad that they can at least now use YouTube freely. YouTube was blocked for two months. Twitter was blocked in March and opened again in April. HMA hopes that other website bans will also be lifted following the court’s decision that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s website banning was not lawful and in violation of the Turkish people’s rights to free speech.

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