HMA Adds New Countries, Servers and IPs

HMA has upgraded their network again with 33 new servers, 4,593 new IP addresses and 3 new country server locations. As a top VPN provider, HMA wants to keep growing so they can provide users with the most versatility and access options.

HMA’a New Servers, IPs and Countries

HMA has added a total of 33 new servers. One of these new servers with 60 IP addresses is in the Aland Islands. The Aland Islands is an independent island group between Sweden and Finland. The 28,000 residents speak mostly Swedish on these northern Baltic islands. StrongVPN is the first to open a server here. The provider has also launched its first server in China with 120 IP addresses and in Chile with 125 IP addresses. And they have two new US virtual locations. One is in Singapore with 512 IP addresses, and the other is in Frankfurt, Germany with 514 IP addresses. Other new locations are Boston, Massachusetts, USA, with 246 IP addresses on 2 servers, Hong Kong with 124 IP addresses, and Denbighshire, UK, with 123 IP addresses.

And HMA has also added one server each to Lisbon, Portugal, (125 IPs); Belgrade, Serbia, (124 IPs); and Reykjavik, Iceland, (121 IPs). Baltimore, Maryland, (250 IPs), Clifton, New Jersey, (660 IPs), and Troy, Michigan, (118 IPs) each have 2 new servers. There are also 2 new servers each for Munich, Germany, (246 IPs); Oslo, Norway, (256 IPs); Porcia, Italy, (120 IPs); and in London (500 IPs) and Nottingham (254 IPs) in the UK.

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