Hide Your IP using VPN

With the existence of internet, there is no doubt that users have a lot of benefits from it and it has definitely changed the way business organizations operate. People living in different parts of the world would be able to stay in touch with their friends, relatives and colleagues and they would also be able to share photos, videos, music files etc. with their closed ones. Similarly, business organizations would have control over all their business centers and workers using internet. The risk of using internet is the presence of illegal activities. Illegal activities such as snooping, scamming, hacking etc. have made the world of internet risky for its users. Due to the presence of illegal activists, the risk of losing online privacy is very high and to stay alert and protected, you should hide your IP using VPN.

Virtual Private Network to hide your IP

In order to hide your IP, you might be having a couple of options at your disposal. DNS servers and proxies can be used to hide your IP and gain access for a certain period of time and it is not a long term solution. Virtual Private Network would provide their subscribers with an internet network that would hide your IP for a long term and the user would be able to enjoy uninterrupted internet access.

Hide your IP to stay secure

As mentioned earlier, the risk of losing personal and confidential data is very high on the web and in order to safeguard your files and data, you should hide your IP using VPN. VPN servers provide an encrypted internet network which would act as a tunnel between the internet user and the websites they access. In this internet network, the user can be sure of staying secure because, there is zero possibility of the network getting hacked by hackers and frauds. Thus, by being able to hide your IP address, the subscriber would also be able to stay protected. Most of the top VPN service providers are known to provide a 256-bit AES encryption and such an encryption is the most secured network possible. Along with the encryption bit, SSTP VPN protocol networks would add another segment to the internet network. SSTP protocol would improve the security level. There are various types of protocols and VPN companies offer different protocol types.

Hide your IP and stay anonymous

In the case of techniques such as DNS and proxies, the original identity of the internet user might be tracked down and the access to the content would be denied. But, in the case of VPN such a situation does not exists. The original IP of the internet user would be kept anonymous and none of the agencies or private organizations would be able to track the user and have a look on their internet activity and the files they have transferred. Business organizations and individual VPN subscribers would be able to benefit a lot from this feature, because their important files would stay safe with them always.

Hide your IP and gain access

Internet users situated in countries that have very strict internet censorship practices and also have to face geo-restrictions on certain websites would not be able to access those websites unless they have the IP necessary to access the contents. Websites that are operating from a particular country, let us say UK, would be available for the UK internet users and in order for those living outside UK to gain access, you should hide your IP and replace it with a UK IP which can be provided by UK based VPN server.

Hide your IP and get customer support

Well-known VPN service providers have a customer support wing to assist their subscribers in any problems they might be facing with the VPN connection. Problems pertaining to connection failure, account problems, setup problems etc. would be resolved by the customer support officials in an efficient manner.

Hide your IP and get greater speed

VPN service providers who offer shorter latency period, good upload speed and download speed would offer improved internet speed to their subscribers. Even if the internet connection of the VPN subscriber is slower, the VPN server would help in pumping up speed for the internet user. Along with this, the presence of higher bandwidth would make sure that the user is able to view HD movies and other video contents.

Hide your IP and access websites using any device

VPN network can be operated on most of the electronic gadgets such as laptops, personal computers, Mac, smartphones, tablets etc. Not all VPN companies offer this compatibility to their subscribers and so the user should make sure that, they have subscribed with the company whose servers can be connected using the device they operate mostly. Similarly, the VPN service provider chosen by the subscriber should be well examined across all the features provided by them.

Best VPN to hide your IP

You need not spend time evaluating the VPN service providers to choose one and hide your IP using them, because we have done the job for you and have listed the best VPNs.

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