Guide to Create and Configure an L2TP VPN Connection on your iOS Device

Setting up an L2TP VPN connection on an iOS based device is a simple process and needs a few simple steps to be followed for the manual setup. You need to follow the below mentioned guide to create a new connection on your iOS device and configure it to be used with the L2TP VPN service that you have subscribed to. You can follow these steps to create and configure an L2TP based VPN connection with any of the iOS devices.

  • To begin with the process, go to the ‘settings’ of the device from the home screen by tapping on the respective icon.
  • On the ‘settings’ menu, tap on the option for the ‘general’ settings to proceed with the process of the setup of the connection.
  • From the list of ‘general’ settings, look for and tap on the ‘network’ option to get access to the network related settings for the device.
  • From the different options for the network related settings, go to the ‘VPN’ option and tap on it to start with the VPN setup procedure on your iOS device.
  • On the ‘VPN’ menu page, tap on the option to ‘add VPN configuration’ to create a new VPN connection on your device.
  • Here you will get different tabs for the types of VPN connections, from where you need to choose the L2TP option to move to the L2TP tab.
  • This will prompt you for various connections related settings like the server address, account name, password, secret shared key and others. You will get the values of the server IP address, account, password and secret from your VPN provider. Set the RSA SecurID to OFF, send all traffic to ON and proxy to OFF, if not set to the desired values by default. The description value can be any name for the connection that could be easy for you to recognize the connection later on.
  • After entering the desired values, tap on ‘save’ option at the top of the screen to save all the modifications.
  • Now turn ‘VPN’ option ON and connect to the VPN connection that you just created. You will have to wait for some time for the connection to be established. To confirm that the connection has been established, you can check the ‘status’ of the connection from the ‘VPN’ menu. This can also be verified from the ‘VPN badge’ appearing in the title bar of the screen of the device.
  • To confirm that you are connected successfully to the VPN service and that you are browsing anonymously, you can look up the IP address of your device that is visible on the server. You can check the location of the IP address for your device through any of the IP lookup sites.

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So, with this you are finished with the setup of an L2TP VPN connection on your device running on iOS operating system from Apple, which includes iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

Configure your device for the VPN connection with this tutorial guide and enjoy surfing the internet anonymously on your iOS device.

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