Get Hulu with StrongVPN DNS Service

Hulu has found a way to detect VPN connections. Internet users have had no problems before when using streaming VPNs like StrongVPN. Until recently, they had no problems. But StrongVPN is happy to inform its users that they can still get on Hulu with StrongDNS. And all existing StrongVPN users can get a discount. StrongVPN has also updated their client.

StrongDNS for Hulu

Many people have used StrongVPN to stream Hulu from outside the US. But when they try to get into Hulu now, they get a message that they have been denied access because they are using a proxy. This issue baffled VPN providers at first, but StrongVPN took a good look and has found a way to get users back on Hulu.

With the StrongDNS servers, subscribers can successfully access Hulu from anywhere in the world. StrongVPN subscribers can try the DNS service free for 7 days to see how it works. When they want to sign up, existing StrongVPN users can get a 20% discount on their StrongDNS subscription.

StrongDNS has other advantages, too. It can be used on any device, even those like Xbox and Roku that can’t normally connect via VPN. Plus, StrongDNS connections do not slow down your Internet connection. You can get the same speeds that you enjoy on your regular connection. Even US users can get benefits from StrongDNS. Many US residents use VPNs for Internet privacy and security. But Hulu doesn’t allow these connections. US residents have to disconnect form their VPNs before they can access Hulu content. With StrongDNS, you can get Hulu and keep your Internet security and privacy at the same time.

StrongVPN Update

StrongVPN also announced an update to their client software. This update gives users better performance. Current users will be prompted to update their clients. Users can also download the new client from the StrongVPN website.


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