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Despite the dangers, about 40% of adult public WiFi users regularly access sensitive information at these hotspots. Adults are supposed to be more responsible, but it seems that they are throwing caution to the wind. If they really want to use WiFi hotspots to enter personal details or do bank transfers or pay their bills, they need to log on to a secure VPN like ExpressVPN before doing so.

Irresistible Pubic WiFi

We know that WiFi hotspots have been a great boon to people everywhere. Many people would not be able to function properly without them. It is understandable that people use public WiFi to get important things done. They can’t live without it, so the solution is to use tools that protect them from the dangers.

WiFi hotspots are very dangerous to use because they are open to everyone. They are the perfect places for criminals to stalk users and find easy targets. Using public WiFi is like walking around in the most dangerous neighborhood in the country. If you need to be there, you would want to lay low and avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention. If there’s an emergency and you need to access cash or share your Social Security Number, you wouldn’t just do it. You would check your surroundings and probably call for backup. Online, ExpressVPN is your backup. ExpressVPN is like having an invisibility cloak that allows you to send and receive sensitive details without anyone else seeing you or the information.

88% of these Internet users are afraid of identity theft. 76% worry about their accounts getting hacked. 39% are scared that they might face fraudulent tax filings. Yet 26% of adult Internet users check their bank accounts on public WiFi. 19% use it to pay bills. 8% send emails on WiFi hotspots that contain sensitive information. And 6% of them used public WiFi to file their taxes, which entails entering a lot of personal and sensitive information. ExpressVPN can make these activities safe.


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